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Helga Marquenie Freelance Project Management, Communication & PR
Let me introduce myself, I am Helga, a perfectly trilingual, social “Jane of all Trades” who loves to work and organize/fix things for people. Mum of 2 teenagers Mateo & Olivia and wife of Dirk, I have always loved to work full time.. I am not a typical mum, certainly not a housewife but my work/life balance is very important to me ‘cause believe me, teenagers are hard work ! That’s why I decided to start out as a freelancer earlier this year. My enthusiasm is as high as the Mont Blanc. I have a back pack filled with communication, marketing & pr experience and I have always been interested in advertising. When I was a marketing student, “advertising” was my favourite subject. If you ask me, “what would you like to do in an advertising environment ? ”Well for instance, I would love to do production for f.ex. shootings, castings etc. I know I am perfect for it ! Not only am I a fast learner, as well as working independently, I love to work with young people. They inspire me and I find it very easy to relate to them. My USP ? That I am great with people, even the most difficult ones.. They are an opportunity to me. Certainly not a wall flower, I want to make a difference. I am direct and what you see is what you get. Never a hidden agenda with me. Work hard, play hard… A cliché but oh so true. A day not laughed, is a day not lived what I am concerned. Finally, I DO actually watch tv-commercials. I don’t push fast forward !