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Kristin Verellen Creative coach, co-creative workshop facilitator, strategic consultant
0477 67 24 09
Peel The Onion
Vijverstraat 4
1650 Beersel


Kristin Verellen is creative coach, strategic consultant, brainstorm leader, process facilitator, systemic constellator and therapist in business.    Her passion is the development and change of individuals, teams, organisations and their brands. Her approach is holistic, relational, experiential and … creative.

Kristin has a hands-on business and leadership experience.  With her company Peel The Onion she goes to the heart of things, unfolding the layers.  From complexity to essence.
She stimulates growth by connecting and energising the existing human dynamics.  So she brings values alive by engaging the full potential of people and their relationships in changing contexts. Creating the frame (participative group dynamics in creation and change processes) and sharpening the content (from strategy to creative concept, communication, action and results).

With her company Peel The Onion she is a dedicated partner for her business clients, belonging to national and international organisations, profit and non profit.  She switches fluently between Dutch, English, French and Italian, and happily travels through different cultures.

She develops workshops and trainings on demand and also offers some very succesful formats like: 
- Brainstorm to results
- Briefing to results
- Branding constellations
- Co-creative dialogue
- Stakeholder management
- Group facilitation skills
- 360° out-of-the-box thinking
- Insight mining
- Brand rituals
- Heroes of change
- Values & motivation management
- Trauma in organisations
More information on www.peeltheonion.com


She is also the initiator of the citizen movement of the Circles - We have the choice.  Creating meaningful togetherness in the aftermath of blind violence.
More information on www.wehavethechoice.com